The Donut Shop is looking for content submissions from creatives like you! If you have original material that yearns to be shown, send it our way.  We would love to see writing, art, photography, videos, music, poetry, and any other innovative works.  Please read our Contributor Agreement to see if The Donut Shop is the proper platform for your work!

Here at The Donut Shop, our goal is to provide a round table experience for us young adults who are attempting to meander through the struggles and strides of post-academic life. While the mission and purpose of our community will continue to evolve, we hope that it can be a safe space online where we can share, critique, and indulge together on topics we find interesting or important. The Donut Shop is an inclusive space – we want to provide a platform for a wide variety of voices and we encourage ALL types of people to submit and share their work and ideas.

Content we would love to see: personal essays, poetry, photography, illustrations, critiques, op-eds, comics, reviews (music, movies, theater, dance, etc), art to be paired with other writing submissions, etc. If you have an idea for another type of content, we would love to hear it!

Topics we are interested in right now:

  • Feminism (ALL KINDS)
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Health – mental, physical, spiritual
  • Relationships, friendships, losing someone
  • Your perspective on this year’s presidential election
  • POC, minorities in stereotypically “white, male” industries (science, politics, finance, etc)
  • Realities of race/racism
  • Finding or forgetting religion
  • LGBTQ themes & experiences
  • Post-grad realizations
  • Popular Culture
  • Travel
  • Experiences of those living outside of the gender binary

Tips for submitting an original piece:

  • Make sure that your idea is unique to your experiences. Remember, we want to hear your perspective, not somebody else’s.
  • If writing – We don’t have a set word count. We ask that you write as much or as little as you need to formulate your ideas. However, keep in mind the readability of extra-long pieces (try to keep it in or around 1500 words).
  • Take a moment to look over your submission before you hit “Submit.” We will consider your submission even if it has errors, but proofreading your work before you pass it over to us will help to alleviate the editing process between you, the author, and The Donut Shop team.
  • Make sure you fill out the “Suggested Title” section on the submission form. This does not mean  your suggested title will definitely be used, but it will help us get in the right direction and know what you see titling your piece. If you have a hard time coming up with headlines, no sweat. Fill it out with whatever comes to mind and we will go from there.

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Ex: Stacey Williams is a Detroit-based writer, thinker, and environmental enthusiast. She enjoys cycling and spending too much time on Twitter. You can view more of her work here (link).

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