By Caitlyn Rack

During the summer of 2014, I helped two friends crowdfund a small tour out west. Using some of their merchandise and one of my paintings, we raised money to make the trip. So my two friends Henry and Mamie, then the Dead Folk Collective, planned shows in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Denver. I painted live to their music at every stop. But, during the first stretch of driving from Ohio through Yellowstone to Washington state I was able to see some of the most beautiful terrain I’ve ever seen. I remember making a sketch of this painting in a notebook in the car months before I started the painting. I was in a very dark place in terms of my substance problems and the entire trip was a very transforming experience, I arrived back in Athens and made significant life changes. This painting is a wonderful reminder of it all. This was started at Resonance Music and Arts festival in Thornville, Ohio 2014 and finished in the beginning of 2015 at home.


Caitlyn Rack is a queer, multi-media storyteller, plant alchemist, fire dancer, and creature enthusiast based out of Athens, Ohio. You can view more work (