Contributor Agreement

Contributor Agreement:

By checking the box on our Submissions Page, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms for contributor submission.

Section 1. General Guidelines
Please submit your work using the form on our Submissions Page on The Donut Shop website. As a Contributor, you must fill out every section of the form for your submission to be considered (a file does not need to be uploaded if you are only submitting writing using the submissions textbox). Please see guidelines for file uploading in Section 4 below.

By submitting your Content to The Donut Shop, you are insuring that the Content is your work ONLY. We prohibit stealing, copying, reproducing others’ work without expressed written permission. If we discover that you have plagiarized someone else’s work and submitted as your own Content, we reserve the right to remove your contribution and not accept any submissions from you in the future.

Section 2. Writing
Here at The Donut Shop, we are looking for all types of writing – personal essays, articles, poetry, humor, nonfiction, reviews, rant/raves, etc. If you have an idea for a repeating column or regular/recurring feature, please send us a pitch of your idea along with a sample of writing. If you are submitting a piece that is time sensitive (ex. A review on a recent TV show episode or something that may not be relevant in a few weeks) please make note of this at the beginning of your piece on the submission form.

Please be sure that any writing work you are sending to The Donut Shop is unpublished. This includes any other online/print magazines, zines, or public websites. We ask that you refrain from submitting work that has been submitted elsewhere.

Section 3. Fact Checking
The Donut Shop reserves the right to request and perform fact checks on pieces submitted by contributors. If you are writing a nonfiction piece, like an interview or article, please include all notes from your writing process including but not limited to: article references, contacts of interviewees or sources. We will ask that you can confirm that all the fact based information for the piece are factually accurate (this includes quotes, statements, statistics, facts presented, etc). All pieces of this kind will be subject to fact checking by The Donut Shop team.

Section 4. File Uploading
If you wish to submit your work as a file and not via the submissions box (this includes visual art submissions), please submit your file as a PDF. If you are submitting a series of art, please export all images into one PDF for our team to review. If we select your piece for publishing, we will communicate that with you and request higher resolution files at that time.

*NOTE*: Please do not send links to download your work from a website like WeTransfer or Senduit, we will not click on these links and your submission may not be considered.

Section 5. Image or Video Embedding
If you wish to embed previously published videos or images within an article or piece of writing, you may as long as you are aware of and abide by the Fair Use guidelines (see 17 USC Section 107).  Please include the links to these videos (Vimeo, Youtube) and/or images (source website of image)  and include captions for your piece that credit the creator of the video/visual work you are using to accompany your words. If we receive submissions that don’t give proper credit to other contributed art we will ask that you find this information and resubmit.

Section 6. Visual Work
Please see Section 4. File Uploading for guidelines for sending us your media.

Photos, illustrations, collages, comics, etc.
Please include a description of the work and why you are interested in sharing. If we accept your work to be featured at The Donut Shop, we may ask you to send higher resolution, web friendly files to insure your work is justly displayed on our site.

Original Videos
Please be sure that any original video work you send us is also not published online. Please send us a password protected Vimeo link of your video for review. Original videos might include: a video of you performing music or performance art, stop motion, original short documentary, interviews,etc.

Section 7. Compensation
The Donut Shop does not currently compensate contributors for submitting or publishing their work.

Section 8. Intellectual Property
You retain all ownership of all intellectual property rights of the original Content you post or submit on/to our Site “”. By posting or submitting Content (regardless of the form or medium with respect to such Content, whether text, videos, photographs, illustrations, audio or otherwise), you are giving The Donut Shop the right to display and/or publish such Content (either in the form in which it was submitted or in the form of a derivative or adapted work), to store such Content, to distribute such Content, and use such Content for promotional and marketing purposes of The Donut Shop.