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By Donut Shop Team

Happy Halloween weekend to you all! Please do not wear any racially/culturally inappropriate costumes and always be sure to have a designated driver. Stay safe and make sure you check out these stories before you turn into your holiday alter ego!

  1. Happy Halloween from ‘Old Stinker’ (and Vice)! Best wishes on your weekend werewolf hunt!
  2. Pussy Riot strikes again! This time against Trump. The world (sans Vladimir Putin) appreciates you.
  3. Here is a not-so-gentle reminder that you are under no obligation to tolerate other people’s inexcusable behavior. Unfortunately this instance came at the sacrifice of one individual’s dream job.
  4. Can we take a hint from the working women of Iceland? The pay gap needs to be closed NOW.
  5. Can you imagine being the alleged patient zero of HIV? Did you know that AIDS used to be called GRID (gay-related immune deficiency) by professional physicians? Read on for some Friday education…