By The Donut Shop Team

This week’s 5 for Friday is taking a little bit of a detour. Here you will find a unique write up of five millennials that you should absolutely know about. Take a look, get inspired, maybe start a charitable shoe company–the world is YOUR oyster.

  1. Pinterest is cool and all but The Sorry Girls take DIY to the next level. Check it out on their YouTube channel!
  2. Meet the 20 somethings behind #noDAPL. It looks like they paid a nice visit to Hillary Clinton’s headquarters…
  3. Hannah Davis started a charitable shoe company with an idea, some passion, and just a smidge of luck. What do you think you could create with those ingredients?
  4. We have all heard about the many initiatives that are being taken to clean up the world’s oceans. Let’s all give a huge high-five and head nod to Boyan Slat, CEO and founder of The Ocean Cleanup.
  5. You probably get it by now, but… The Financial Diet is simply one of the best millennial-run sites out there. Please take a look at the talented team that runs the site and be sure to follow Chelsea on Twitter!