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By Mel Johnston “What’s that?” she asks, pointing her small finger to the red, crusty mark extending from my thumb to my index finger. It’s a burn; sustained from a silly mishap a few days prior, caused by a knucklehead who’s often in a rush and seldom wears oven mitts. Since she’s a four-year-old, I don’t tell her that it’s a burn, and I don’t tell her about my unsafe cooking methods either. I just tell her it’s a booboo, and that I’ll be just fine. And very soon, too. Promise.

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An Ode to Carrie: Vol. 1

The idea for The Donut Shop stemmed from this notion that we, as young working adults, felt uninspired and practically slammed with the seemingly constant monotony and stress of finding a fulfilling work/life balance. We wanted to create a space online where we felt like we were gaining brain cells, not losing them. After numerous late night text convos…

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