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An Interview with Jason E. Chow

This past March, Long Island-based photographer Jason Chow decided to revisit parts of his youth by taking a trip throughout China, making stops in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and the birthplace of his grandparents, Wenzhou. To pay homage to his grandparents, who were born and raised in Wenzhou (which is about five hours south of Shanghai), Chow captured the city in his new photography series “A Mild and A Pleasant Land.” He had not visited Wenzhou since his childhood, and not only was able to give his grandparents the gift of beautiful images, but was also able give himself the gift of self-discovery

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3D Gifs by John Stathopoulos

John Stathopoulos is a photographer who lives and works in Columbus, OH. To achieve these rad gifs, he uses a Nishika N8000, which is a film camera that takes multiple exposures during one moment. These images can be combined digitally to create what we see here – a moment in time and space.

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