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September 2016

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Interview with Jettison Magazine

We were lucky to sit down with the folks at Jettison Magazine and talk with them a little bit about their publication. Jettison Magazine is self described as a “an art-focused, collaborative, political rag” that uses online media and zines to reach their audience. Jettison is ran by students at The Ohio University (our co-founders’ alma mater) and is based out of Athens, Ohio.

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Girl at Bar

“It’s funny,” she said, twirling a cigarette through her fingers and leaning slightly against an all-brick barroom wall, “How sometimes when we’re telling someone something that makes us really sad, we laugh.”

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Poetry: “The Most Beautiful Poem Known To Man” by Andrew Downing

I’ve always loved stories, But I’m scared that eventually the characters will bore me, I’m scared that the plots will run dry and dull, While the themes and setting will likely never change at all. However, that’s when you get purpose to serve, A summer breeze in the middle of December, Screaming of beauty and attention deserved, With a presence that demands to be remembered.

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