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June 2016


Unpacking: Directions

The most lost I’ve ever been was at the age of four in the back of my mom’s white Grand Am. My mom is a bit directionally challenged and this was long before the help of a car or phone GPS. We were aimlessly driving around Pittsburgh as my mom attempted to find a way back to our then-home in Youngstown. I peered out the window from the backseat beginning to wonder if we’d ever make it out.

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An Interview with “Dumb Millennials” Founder, Ella C. L. Bartlett

In the age where “millennials” are ubiquitously known for a lack of communication skills, one series, aptly-titled Dumb Millennials highlights the disconnects young people feel while tackling dating, friendships, and the professional world. Frustrated by a few dating mishaps herself, NYC-based stylist Ella C. L. Bartlett took to her sketch pad as a method of personal therapy and expression.

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By Mel Johnston “What’s that?” she asks, pointing her small finger to the red, crusty mark extending from my thumb to my index finger. It’s a burn; sustained from a silly mishap a few days prior, caused by a knucklehead who’s often in a rush and seldom wears oven mitts. Since she’s a four-year-old, I don’t tell her that it’s a burn, and I don’t tell her about my unsafe cooking methods either. I just tell her it’s a booboo, and that I’ll be just fine. And very soon, too. Promise.

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